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Duplex solar panel efficiency 35%; upto 2X higher than traditional solar panels
20 year warranty on panels
IOT system for live monitoring of performance and system health
Indigenously developed and patented technology
Birds Eye Energy develops cutting edge technology in collaboration with scientists at IIT Madras and CSIR, who explore the frontiers of green energy technologies. This unique combination helps us develop innovative green energy technologies that are best at meeting customer requirements.


Birds Eye Energy offers turnkey solutions including design, procurement and installation. Birds Eye Energy's 'Duplex' panels provide the highest value solution to the customers who need both electricity and hot water.




Food industry

Pharmaceutical industry

About Us

Necessity is the mother of invention; Birds Eye Energy is the invention born out of the necessity and immense demand for power in India.

The Indian power sector is set to grow by 600% over the next 30 years. This is a level of growth never seen before in any country in the world. Conventional technologies can not be relied upon to meet these unseen levels of growth and demand for energy. Hence Birds Eye Energy has set its mission to develop innovative green energy technologies, specifically targeted towards Indian consumers.

Our innovative products are not only tailor made for Indian customer requirements, but also developed in India by the sharpest minds of scientists at the cutting edge of energy research at IIT-Madras and CSIR - CEERI, Chennai. The result of these combined efforts are the innovative products that are first of its kind in India and are the best solution to meeting customer requirements.

Birds Eye Energy is a green energy company that develops, manufactures, installs and provides maintenance services for innovative green energy technologies. Birds Eye Energy is currently focused on solar technologies; particularly our innovative, first of its kind in India, 'Duplex solar panels' that can provide 330W of electricity and 75 litres of hot water per day out of a single panel.


Our vision is to develop a portfolio of multiple innovative green energy products, focusing on various next gen technologies such as fuel cells, solar, wind, electric charging, power storage, etc, with each product developed and targeted specifically for its segment


Birds Eye Energy's mission is to develop green energy technologies for the Indian market that can meet customer requirements better than any of the existing power gen technologies; thus driving the large-scale adoption of these green energy technologies


Innovation is one of the core values of Birds Eye Energy. Our goal is to ensure that every product we develop and bring to market is the first of its kind and the best product to meet the customer requirements of its target market segment

Our Services

Once the customer energy requirements are well understood, our team works on developing a complete plan to meet the energy requirements in the most cost effective manner.



Our main aim is to focus on developing innovative products. As a majority of the value addition takes place under engineering, the company would develop its high efficiency solar panel and serve the needs.



Depending on the customers energy requirement, the company will identify the installation size needed and undertake the procurement of all the raw materials needed to complete the solar panel installation.



Birds Eye Energy has partnered with solar installation companies in cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore. Depending on the location of installation, the company will engage the appropriate contractors for the installations.


Monitoring system

The company will provide customers with an energy monitoring system. This system will provide the customer with the live data on energy generated by the panels.


Aftermarket support

The company will support the customer throughout the life cycle of the panels. The warranty offered on Birds Eye Energy panel is 20 years.


EPC Partners

Birds Eye Energy has EPC partners situated in Major metropolitian cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. This helps Birds Eye Energy to deliver renewable energy solutions to the customers.

Our Customers


'Recognized in the Top 10 Best Green Energy Companies - 2019 by CEO Insights'

Total energy solution from a single solar panel