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In case of a traditional PV panel about 85% of solar energy is wasted as heat. Also, the installation needs a lot of area to generate 1KW of heat (100sqft needed for 1KW). 1KW of solar panels produce only 4 kWHr (electricity units) a day. Given the low energy output, it takes about 12-15 years to recover the system investment and hence it makes solar roof top an unattractive investment.

Birds Eye Energy identified this problem and took upon the challenge to deliver a cost-effective rooftop solution for consumers.

Birds Eye Energy partnered with I.I.T - Madras and CSIR - Chennai to develop a rooftop solar panel. The validation of the panel was carried out with stringent methods by employing six sigma methodologies.

Schematic Representation

Applications Grid cost of electricity BEE solar system Levelized cost of electricity
Residential ₹ 6/unit 3kw + 500 litres/day ₹ 3.5/unit
Hotel ₹ 9/unit 50kw + 10,000 litres/day ₹ 2.9/unit
Industry ₹ 6/unit 100kw + 20,000 litres/day ₹ 2.6/unit

Benefits to the customer

Early breakeven enables faster recovery of investment

Premium quality solar panels

Two in one solution (electricity + hot water)

Tracking system which enables to review the power generate on daily basis

Unique design to reduce scaling by 50%

20 years warranty on panels

Robust heat exchanger design to improve longevity

PV modules are IEC certified

Key Features

Up to 2.5 times
energy output

The Birds Eye Energy panel utilizes 35% of the solar energy as opposed to 15% to 18% by traditional solar panels and takes the same amount of roof space.


The premium solar cells and heat exchanger material that we use, helps us provide our customers with a high-quality panel.

Remote monitoring

The remote monitoring system enables us and our customers to track the panels from smart app and from a PC.

Operations and maintenance

Remote monitoring enables us to detect and diagnose product performance issues early and can be fixed by a quick visit by the company experts.


Birds Eye Energy offers turnkey solutions including the twin powered solar panel, system procurement and installations.
With the high efficiency solar panel, Birds Eye Energy provides most value to the customers needing hot water.
Following are some of the industries we serve.




Food industry

Pharmaceutical industry

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